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Are you located in Uptown, Charlotte and need help from an occupational therapist for your child? Thrive Therapy is a family-owned pediatric therapy practice devoted to providing excellent occupational therapy services to children of all ages.

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Why Choose Thrive Therapy?

At Thrive Therapy, we can serve our clients in school and home settings. Our company's purpose is founded on the important role occupational therapy plays in enabling children to live full and thriving lives. Collaboration and partnership are core tenants to how we operate. We place a high value on working together with parents, educators, and other medical professionals to deliver great results while celebrating each child's unique gifts. We specialize in many areas including sensory processing, fine motor skills, self-help skills, feeding therapy, emotional regulation, and more! In addition to direct treatment, we offer teacher training and in-services. These workshops will provide ready-to-use techniques to support age-appropriate skills in the classroom. We present on many topics, including: Sensory Processing, Fine Motor Milestones & Skills, Emotional Regulation, Handwriting, Self-Care Skills, and Visual Motor/Processing Skills. Thrive Therapy is a trusted in-network provider with many insurers including: Blue Cross Blue Shield, MedCost, Aetna, United Healthcare, and Cigna.

We Focus on helping your child to thrive

At Thrive Therapy, we work with children of ages 2-6 with a wide range of abilities. Our job is to identify the area your child needs the most help, and creating a plan of action that will allow them to thrive. We specialize in early childhood development, sensory processing, motor coordination skills, feeding therapy, handwriting, & more.

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Sensory Integration

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Fine Motor Skills

Feeding Therapy

Feeding Therapy

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Self Care Skills

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Emotional Regulation

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Teacher & Parent Workshops

Getting the help your child needs doesn't have to be difficult

At Thrive Therapy, we understand that every child is unique. That's why we take the time to evaluate your child's needs and develop a personalized treatment plan. We strive to make working with us as easy as possible, with a proven process to create the best course of action for your child.

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Step 1:Schedule an Initial Intake Call

We believe that working together as a team is essential for progress. That's why step 1 is to discuss with you the different concerns you might have for your child, and what actions you're looking for help with so we have a full understanding of how we can help.

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Step 2:Review your Insurance Benefits

Insurance is confusing, but it doesn't have to be. Let us do the heavy lifting for you and find out if our services can be covered by your health insurance.

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Step 3:Schedule A Comprehensive Evaluation

Our team of experienced therapists will work closely with your child and perform an in-person, comprehensive evaluation of your child to identify areas where we can make a difference for them. Every child is different, so this step is crucial.

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Step 4:Review the plan and begin treatment

Once the evaluation is completed, our team gets together and creates a customized plan of action for your child. We'll work with you and provide all the necessary next steps so that you and your child are comfortable and that you agree with the course of action.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What insurance do you accept?

We are in-network providers with BCBS, United Healthcare, Cigna, Medcost and Aetna.

What if you don't take my insurance?

Thrive Therapy provides a detailed superbill at the end of every month. You can supply this bill to your insurance provider for reimbursement of services.

Are you able to provide services at my child's school or daycare?

We partner with several schools, preschools and daycares in the area, including Providence Preparatory School, Carmel Presbyterian Weekday School, Charlotte Jewish Day School, Avondale Presbyterian CDC, Park Road Baptist CDC, Bright Horizons Uptown, plus many more!

What can I expect from an OT session?

Treatment sessions range from 45-60 minutes. We use skilled techniques that are play based in nature to meet your child where they are, while providing opportunities to grow. Each session is a celebration of your child's unique strengths, in combination with skill development.

What should we expect from an OT evaluation?

Once we receive the referral, someone from the Thrive Therapy team will be in touch to provide intake paperwork. As a courtesy, Thrive Therapy verifies your benefits and eligibility for OT services and contacts you within 24 hours of receiving the intake paperwork. In the initial phone consultation, the occupational therapist will go over the intake forms, and schedule a time and place for the evaluation. This can be within the comfort of your own home, or the child's school based setting. The evaluation consists of standardized testing, clinical observation and caregiver report. After the evaluation takes place, the caregiver will be contacted to review the results and discuss next steps!

Does my pediatrician need to make the referral?

We accept referrals from teachers, medical specialists, pediatricians, school directors, and yourself!

Ready to Join the Uptown Thrive Family?

If you're in Uptown Charlotte and need help from an Occupational Therapist, we invite you to join our family and discover the services and collaboration opportunities we offer. With years of experience in pediatric therapy, we specialize in early childhood development, sensory processing, and motor coordination skills. We are passionate about the difference we make. Contact us today to learn more!